Understanding your body

    Your Body, Your Power

    As most of us know, there are thousands of Sports Nutrition Products out there, and with that many decisions to be made regarding which products you want to include in your diet. From Fat-Burners and Mass Gainers, to CBD Oils and Amino Acids, it is a difficult decision without the real information behind the propaganda to make.

    Many of these products claim that they can do this or that they can do that when in reality they are at best a weak placebo for what they claim to be. 

    What if the products just don’t work for you the way they worked for Mike? Or Nancy? Or your brother Dan? We are all different people and along with that, we will have different reactions to the same products. We always hear the noise coming in from the commercials, the posters, the annoying pop-up ads telling us to buy this product because it is proven to do all these amazing things. If we really break it down none of these products have to fully match your expectations.

    Understanding your body

    By the end of it all, we don’t know who to listen to or which way to look for what is best for ourselves.

    We have to be our own guinea pigs and try different products that may or may not work. You can ask for all the recommendations you want and yet not know how your body will react to it. You’ll never know if the product is truly the best for you or not unless you try it first. Obviously, there are trends with different brands and supplements coming into play causing many people to create a mental placebo effect to tell themselves that the product works. We as users have the right to try to filter through the fake and find what is truly being advertised and what is being blown out of proportion. 

    You want your fat burner to help you lose weight, your mass gainer to help you gain weight, but specifically, you want to either gain or lose HEALTHY weight. What good are all the CBD Oils and the Meal Replacements worth if they are taking away from your health and hurting your level of physical potential? Why let yourself be a follower with junk in your body when you can take charge and lead your body to a better, healthier tomorrow?

    Everyone will react differently so finding the right supplements for you will be tough, but worth it, in the long run, to better understand yourself and your body. If you have any questions, try to find access to people educated on these supplements and their effects on the body. People who have worked in the field for a long time have listened to different experiences from costumers with different types of reactions to the supplements. With that experience they can help guide you on your way. Employees in shops such as Power Nutrition are trained with first hand experience on these products and are there to answer any questions you have.

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