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July 22, 2019
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July 22, 2019
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Looking to get BIG muscles, fast and naturally? Creatine COMPLEX by Pro Fight Supplements is ideal for increasing lean muscle mass, as well as to improve endurance, performance and strength during high-intensity exercise. Dont settle for Creatine alone when you can have the benefits of Creatine Complex!

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound which has been proven to increase strength, size and lean muscle mass when combined with intense training by providing additional energy to the muscles during exercise. Recent studies show that creatine can help add 5-10 lbs. of lean muscle in less than 30 days. It is the most effective and safe to use dietary supplement for anyone interested in gaining both size and muscle, regardless of training experience.

Unlike other supplements that combine creatine with other compounds, (caffeine, minerals, and herbal extracts), which only render creatine less effective, ours only contains, high-quality, 100% pure pharmaceutical grade Creatine Monohydrate powder, Creatine Ethyl Malate, Creatine Methyl Ester HCI and Cratine Phosphate. Make Creatine COMPLEX part of your exercise regime now and you will soon experience its explosive muscle building benefits!


  • Enhances power for weight lifting
  • Helps sustain longer workouts
  • Delays muscle fatigue
  • Speeds up muscle recovery after exercise
  • Enhances protein synthesis
  • Indirectly helps to build and repair muscle tissue
  • Enhances exercise performance
  • Helps to decrease muscle aches and pains
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