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July 21, 2019
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Pro Fight AMINO SPORTS 4500 180 Caps

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When it comes to supplying your muscles with direct fuel, the answer is Amino Sports 4500. Our powerful formula contains 4,500 mg of complete Free Form and Peptide-Bonded amino acids designed to assist in the building, maintenance and growth of muscle tissue. This potent formula of pre-digested amino acids is in its purest form and is especially blended so your body can easily absorb the essential amino acids it needs to produce an immediate and positive influence on cellular metabolism and recovery.

Amino Sports 4500 contains both essential and non-essential amino acids including the highly valued branched chained amino acids (BCAAs) which studies have shown to provide energy directly to muscle tissue and help reduce the onset of central nervous system fatigue. Additionally, studies have also shown that a lack of BCAAs can result in the cannibalization of muscle tissue during increased physical demands on the body.

Unlike most amino acid supplements that lump all the amino acids into one formula, our process begins with the gathering of every individual amino acid first, each undergoing strict quality control guidelines, and are then united to yield a superior and powerful blend of highly active and synergistic amino acids. Combine Amino Sports 4500 with a healthy diet and strength training program to produce consistent muscle growth, an elevated level of training and performance and overall better health.

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